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Ready 2 Lose Lose Lose!!!

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Ready 2 Lose Lose Lose!!! Empty Ready 2 Lose Lose Lose!!!

Post  Jamir's Mommy on Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:23 pm

hello, i am a 20 year old woman, mother, and wife!
I have been struggling to lose weight since highschool.
Have problems with ovarian cysts which put my hormones out of balance..
however that's no excuse i just need something that will work that i can stick to
and i am hoping this is that something.
My portions were never small..so this will help me i believe
I am currently 5 feet tall weighing 180.8...Horrible for my height
my first goal is 160, then 140, and possibly lower, i've been 140 before and it's almost perfect bc I am curvy so That would be great for me...
so I must get the weight off to feel better about myself
and be a better wife to my husband and mother to my son, who is 6months!
For a long time i have been so uncomfortable because of my weight and i refuse to continue this way.
I've Tried everything from Slimfast, to NutriSystem, To SlimQuick, to the Master Cleanse...
Nothing lasted with only a yoyo affect.
Please share your stories, and i will post my success..Thanks, [MG] Like a Star @ heaven
Jamir's Mommy
Jamir's Mommy

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