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Starting over! :( HELP!!

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Starting over! :( HELP!! Empty Starting over! :( HELP!!

Post  Jamir's Mommy on Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:55 pm

Hello! I originally started on Monday, got to dinner and couldn't stop eating:( I felt sooo badd!!! but i finally decided to start back today..Had to make a few moderations though...I have a few bites of fruit for breakfast, then my five bite lunch and dinner, plus I am doing cardio , 2 hours, and drinking plenty of water..if I feel like I can't go without i will eat a piece of celery. Do you think I will still be able to lose this way?? I really hope so because I still feel like I'm sacrificing! I just hope hope hope this helps i am trying so hard not to fall off the wagon.. I hope to see some results in the scale next week if I continue. just wondering if it sounds like I will still get good results?? Please give me ur input I need the motivation and help!! Thanks

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Jamir's Mommy
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Starting over! :( HELP!! Empty Re: Starting over! :( HELP!!

Post  darkshines on Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:50 am

generally, the point of this diet is to watch your portions. some people modify and have five bites for breakfast lunch and dinner... etc. also- though u are eating more than ten bites a day, it wouldnt hurt to make those extra bites healthy. working out like u are doesnt hurt either. ive heard of people doing this and still consistently losing weight.

since u are eating more, you may not see such drastic results in such short time as the rest of us- but the whole point of this diet is modifying it so you can sustain it until you lose the weight that you want.

try it out for a week- if you dont see the results you are looking for, sacrifice a little more. the first three days are HARD! once you get through them though life becomes easier. we promise. and we are here for you! =)

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