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Post  marie0808 on Wed Oct 08, 2014 3:03 am

Hi Guys!

So I am starting out with the diet round 2. I lost from 130 to 120 with the diet, and I want to be at Lewis' recommended 110. However, I know the last ten pounds are the hardest. Also, I have past issues with a lot of extreme or yo-yo dieting, bouts of mild bulimia, eating lots of sugar, and binge drinking (I'm a young kid in college). I am worried about the health of my heart and body on this diet as I know eating disorders put a lot of strain on the body, but I would love to finally get to where I want to be and then focus on healthy eating for the rest of my life, now that I have gotten a much better handle on the drinking and the bulimia. Anyways, any advice anyone has, or if there are any ladies out there with a similar background that want to be accountability buddies, let me know. It would be really cool to finally hit my goal.



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Post  buffy2327 on Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:43 am

Welcome Very Happy


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