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Phil's Daily Journal... it could get ugly :p

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Phil's Daily Journal... it could get ugly :p - Page 4 Empty Re: Phil's Daily Journal... it could get ugly :p

Post  teaismyhappyplace on Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:44 pm

dude, u have to always keep in mind whats best for ur body. thats the #1 most important thing. I've been kinda thinking about this diet aswell, and since adding all the cardio, this diet really isnt working out as well as it does when u have a lot of distraction and very little physical activity- like say if u have a JOB or u are going to school or u have responsibilities that will distract u. I think i may be taking a little break from this diet also and just mind my calories and portion control on my own. Sticking to 5 bites isnt cutting it right now, and it forces me to eat the most filling things i can think of like cheese or chicken, when i really want to be eating an apple or some kiwis, and not feel guilty if i eat a bowl of watermelon which has like 50 calories but is more than 5 bites. I think i will return to this diet once school starts up again for me- in like 3 weeks, but till then i have to just build up muscle and cut calories and just stop acting so crazy with these bites. Perhaps a break is a good idea for u as well. Did u ask ur doctor what method he suggests for losing weight that agrees with ur body? Perhaps he needs u to eat more of one type of food that will keep things balanced, or maintain a certain timing (eat every 4 hours but small meals). Whatever u do in ur life tho, understand that ur young and awesome and ur life will totally change with the weight loss. you'll be healthy and happy and u will feel like ur on the right track again.

okay so atleast with me, i HAVE lost weight using another method. The weight came off just as quick as 5 bite for me (around 2-3 lbs a week, u'll def lose more if u weigh more). Let me try to outline a little of some things that you can try:

Try going on Livestrong.com. There are lots of healthy living articles up there that make lots of sense and may be helpful to give u direction. Don't give up on ureself Phil, this is a battle NOW but once u win, its all over and done with.

Try getting a food scale as well. It will help u see what one serving of something is, and for the most part one serving is enough for u to leave the table full with and not chomping at the bit like 5bite does. Weigh out one serving of meat, one serving of veggies, and one serving of carb. you will lose ridiculous weight by doing that alone. Hands off the snacks, cheeses, and nuts after about 2:00pm so u have time to burn off what u ate during the day. U'd be surprised how small one serving really is, but at the same time ur giving ur body enough nutrition that u wont screw up ur health the way that i feel 5 bite would if we stuck to it for more than 3-4 days at a time. (i kinda think thats WHY we screw up, our bodies start screaming for something that we're missing out on and we have to fill up the tank)

Also, try making ur large meal of the day LUNCH rather than the traditional dinner. If its lunch then u give urself energy for the time of the day that u will use it. If u want to skip a meal, make it dinner and go to bed a little hungry. Try a model like Breakfast- a cup of fruit or one boiled egg or a cup of yogurt. For lunch- ONE sandwich on whole wheat, stir fried veggies, or a larger cup of fruit, or a serving of soup. Dinner- a cup of rice + stir fried veggies + one serving of chicken breast or fish or pork. The key is to replace things that u know are bad choices with things that have low fat and low calorie content.

Phil i know u can do this!! Best of luck to u man.

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Phil's Daily Journal... it could get ugly :p - Page 4 Empty Re: Phil's Daily Journal... it could get ugly :p

Post  Phil on Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:33 pm

Thanks Tea Smile

Make sure u keep in contact!/ posting even if ur not on the 5bd... Ur posts and motivation are always so special, they bring a smile to my face most of the time Smile ur a great person!

Like u said if I had a full time distraction like work it would soo much easier...

The dr didn't specify, I know I need to be on a low fat diet and that's all...

A break will do us both good but as I said keep I contact! I'm sure the support will come in handy again!

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