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Anna's 5 Bite Diet Journey

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Anna's 5 Bite Diet Journey Empty Anna's 5 Bite Diet Journey

Post  apbrown07 on Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:17 am

Hi all! I'm Anna and i'm 14, I weigh around 130/140 pounds (I think, I haven't weighed myself in quite a while) and i'm 5'8. Unfortunately, I am temporarily living in an apartment while my house is being renovated and I have nothing to weigh myself with. But, I still want to start the 5 bite diet because I need to lose some weight and I also want to start modeling.

I started the diet today, and I think i'm doing pretty good so far.

Lunch: Zone Perfect Bar
Dinner: 5 bites of chicken pot pie

I also had a cup of black coffee for breakfast

Wish me luck! Smile


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