18.5 BMI - successful maintenance?

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18.5 BMI - successful maintenance? Empty 18.5 BMI - successful maintenance?

Post  JiffaCake on Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:46 pm

Hi, May I please ask a question?
Has anyone on this forum got their weight down to the suggested BMI of 18.5 and then kept it there? If so, could I please ask how many bites does it take to stick to the lower weight. I know Dr Lewis say it is 'trial and error' and I don't have to worry about that question just yet Smile . I was just curious if someone had gone 'all the way' or if you pick a different goal for yourselves?

I did read on another thread that after 14 days, the stomach shrinks and it is very hard physically to go past the 5 bites, which is very encouraging, particularly after the hungerstat is set in 3 days.

Thank you!


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