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Starting ... 186.5 lbs.

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Starting ... 186.5 lbs. Empty Starting ... 186.5 lbs.

Post  ButterscotchLove on Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:04 pm

Hello 5BDers:

I have read quite a bit about the 5BD community and I am really excited to join. As of April 12, 2015, I am 186.5 lbs. I have been wanting to start this lifestyle, but waited until after I had brunch today to begin. I had a really light, fit brunch (smoked salmon, capers, artichoke cold salad, light vegetables, crab cake, clams on the half shell, mini cheesecakes, coffee, and a small mimosa). Okay, that seems to be a lot but it is really not.

I lost a lot of weight about seven years ago. I went from 250.0LBS to 199 in one summer using NutriSystem. Over the past seven years, I have pretty much kept the weight off which is a good thing. However, at one point, I was down to 172 LBS. I remember thinking I was fat then. Oh, what I would give to be a lot lighter.

I am a fairly tall woman and if I squeeze... I can fit into a size 10. But, I am more likely a size 12. I want to be a "solid" size 8. Really, no smaller than that. I like some curviness. I am not HUGE, but I know that would feel a lot more comfortable if I were at a smaller weight.

My mini-goal is 8 pounds this week. I have an all white party to attend this weekend with my boyfriend.

April 12, 2015 - no bowel movement today, so I might be lighter.
SW: 186.5

Next weigh-in, tomorrow morning...after a bowel movement...lol


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