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Post  Jana on Fri May 19, 2017 10:06 am

Hello guys!
I'm new to the forum and I'm so glad to be here Smile, I want to try to lose 56 pounds at least and this is my day 5 on this diet, but I'm having a problem the first 2 days without realizing it I was actually eating 3-4 bites and lost weight but the problem was that on day 3 I accidentally switched to 5 bites and gained weight despite my 30 mins of cardio I've done that day, I was devastated, the first week is supposed to be the week you lose the most so this was a huge setback and made my motivation sink, especially after I found out that I messed up resetting my hunger stat , on day 4 I again ate 3-4 bites but then decided that today day 5 I'm going to switch to black coffee(no milk, no sugar like the previous days) and that I was gonna switch to 5 bites a meal, and I'll try resetting my hunger stat in the next 3 days but I wanna know, will my setback affect my weight loss? After 3 days my week is supposed to be over but does that mean that I won't lose 15 lbs this week? Like will my weight loss (if I even lose weight because I checked today and I didn't lose anything) be slowed down after these 3 days? I honestly don't have that much motivation, and I feel like giving up, I'm sorry If I'm not making that much sense but I'm frustrated right now Sad


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