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oct 6th update sorry it's long, i had a hard day.

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oct 6th update sorry it's long, i had a hard day. Empty oct 6th update sorry it's long, i had a hard day.

Post  Ahna115 on Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:59 am

well this diet is definitely a metal diet. I did good my first day i was down 5 pounds.. then i ate out of boredom.

Then minding my own business I was standing in line waiting to return something, then this older women tried to push me out of the way. she told me to move, then she said move you fat ass, move your f'n fat ass. I was shocked, and sad to say i cursed her out. then she called me the N word. That really pissed me off. I couldn't believe she said that, especially being white. Just because I have curly hair, I'm brown, with a big booty don't mean I'm black. I told her she needed to get her nationality's straight before she starts throwing out racial slurs. And she's lucky, cause anyone else would have punched her out.

So, needless to say I didn't eat that night, and refuse to eat anything more than 5 bites at lunch and dinner. It was absolutely horrible being called a fat ass in public. And that's my motivation right now. I never want anyone to be able to say that about me.

And the race thing, I understand for the rest of my life ppl will think I'm black, and I have no problem with that. Now the N-word. No one should use that.

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oct 6th update sorry it's long, i had a hard day. Empty Re: oct 6th update sorry it's long, i had a hard day.

Post  teaismyhappyplace on Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:17 pm

No one has the right to be ignorant like that and advertise it in a hurtful way. Honestly this woman sounds like a mental case, that behavior is rude and ugly. Yeah u may have some weight to lose, buts its not like u dont know, and its not like her saying something to u is supposed to change that. Shes and absolute stranger who doesnt know u, who u are, or anything about u and she is in no place to be judging u for anything. Listen, even if u were black, the N word is a horrible word to use. Its not slang and even when black people say it to fellow black people i feel like smacking them. The connotation is offensive and downright ignorant. We live in a world where swear words are common place, but there are certain ones that should not be used out of RESPECT for what it means. This lady is nuts, just brush people like that off. I know its easier to say than to do, but u know who u are and u at least gave her a tongue lashing back- which was pretty brave. At the end, its just weight, and its something that u can lose, not for her benefit, or for anyone else in the world but for YOURS. To give u a healthful life, disease free and to make u feel beautiful every time u look at ur reflection. U are the master of your own life, doesnt matter what diet u use, u are the one in control.

Her comments hurt cuz there was a grain of truth in them, and to hear it from someone that is being objective sucks cuz u know that she wasn't covering up the words cuz she loves u and wants to be nice like family would.... but also this major B was TRYING to be mean, so she picked the first flaw that came to mind. Dont be afraid of the judgements, its okay cuz these are stupid people that dont even know u and are going out of their way to be hurtful. Just let this roll over u.... she sucks and she sounds like a miserable human being. It doesnt matter what state of mind ur in, or whats going on with ur life, nothing gives u the right to be that ugly to another person who didnt provoke it.

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