5 bites- 2x or 4x a day??

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5 bites- 2x or 4x a day?? Empty 5 bites- 2x or 4x a day??

Post  2bthinagain on Wed Dec 22, 2010 1:39 am

Which is better?!?! I'm wrestling and here's my dilemma-

4x= good for the metab., a little easier with a mid-afternoon snack, seems slightly less extreme, and teaches good eating habits (the numerous meals)

2x= faster, less temptation to cheat than 4 meals, according to the diet "rules"

what do u think??? HELPPPP!!! confused

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5 bites- 2x or 4x a day?? Empty Re: 5 bites- 2x or 4x a day??

Post  Lyra on Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:04 am

Here's my take on this :

2x5bites per day is indeed faster and helps you lose weight fast. But when you experience a stale (stuck/plateau), you can add some calories and incorporate the 3x5bites or 4x 5bites and it will help rev up your metabolism so you will break the plateau/stale and lose again.

That's based on my experience when I was stuck at 140 lbs. rendeer


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5 bites- 2x or 4x a day?? Empty Do it as it says in the book

Post  renu712000 on Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:41 am


Stop wrestling with the dilemma! I am going to be hard on you. You are just trying to justifying your reason for doing four bites.

Read the book and the rules are simple.

Do it the way he says in the book! Go and do it right for the first 3 days, Your body will adjust. Dr. Lewis answers that question about the metabolism. Your body will adjust. You haven't read the book so read it!!

Go for it at least two weeks. All you are doing is making excuse of not doing it the right way. We all struggle and these are the learning days to see what makes you want to eat. If you have the fat, your body will adjust to using the fat.

If you have a medical condition that affects your metabolism like hypothyroidism, then your doctor should be following your progress.

Go get the book and it has most of the answers people ask.

Good luck and do it right! You can do it...


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5 bites- 2x or 4x a day?? Empty Re: 5 bites- 2x or 4x a day??

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