Fell off the wagon but climbing back on

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Fell off the wagon but climbing back on Empty Fell off the wagon but climbing back on

Post  Kaci002 on Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:43 pm

Hi all,
Well after my good intentions of going out Sat night for my friends 40th party and taking it easy, it didnt sort of work out! As I havent drunk alcohol for months plus over the past week since starting the diet not eaten much at all I got drunk on very little. The night out was ok and I wasn't too bad with what I ate however it was the day after where I was feeling awful and only eating rubbish like ice cream, crisps and chocolate seemed to help, today I am struggling to get back on it but I will from tomorrow onwards. Hate slipping like this as I know this is a great plan and will work if I just give it time, but its hard when there are nights out planned esp coming up to Easter. Just wish I could hibernate away for 6 weeks.

So back on from tomorrow, do have friends coming round for dinner Sat but I will figure out a way to not drink and eat within my limit as I am cooking I can look busy, I usually drink vodka and diet coke so may just have a few diet cokes so look like I am joining in. I have to get focused I have a skirt I need to fit into by Easter Sunday!!!!



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Fell off the wagon but climbing back on Empty Re: Fell off the wagon but climbing back on

Post  teaismyhappyplace on Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:55 pm

im glad your getting back on the wagon after having a little struggle. Im in the same spot as you. Weekends are always tough, but i think the most important thing is that you keep weekends "sensible" and then come monday you come right back and tackle this full force. Great job being motivated to keep it going! you will fit ur skirt quick enough and look fabulous!

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