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Here I go its day 1

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Here I go its day 1 Empty Here I go its day 1

Post  Kaci002 on Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:27 am

Hi all,

After struggling on and off with sticking to the plan, now that Easter is out of the way I am ready to start afresh with a clear focus. Over the past few weeks I had lots of events planned and found it impossible to feel motivated to really get started properly on the plan because of this but I am now ready to give it my full attention.
Woke up this morning already hungry as ate so much over the last few days but I know first day is a killer whenever I start, have an easy day planned to get me through it.

Starting weight: 13 stone 5 (187lbs)
I dont yet have a goal weight other than when I get to 11 stone something I start to feel much better about myself, once I am there I will see how I feel, at the moment be glad to get below 12 stone.

Have just drunk water this morning but am heading for a black coffee now, think i need a few to get me going. Thats the problem with bank holidays too much food and wine!!!
I am having a bbq Friday for The Royal wedding but have already decided I am 100% sticking to the plan, I am sure William and Kate wont mind if I dont join then in a glass of champagne!! but I am hoping that by Friday its been 3 whole days I will have been on the diet and that my hunger is easier to handle and I am strong enough to not be tempted.

Good luck all

Kaci xxx


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Here I go its day 1 Empty Re: Here I go its day 1

Post  Dmac on Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:00 pm

Its good to start afresh u can do this and good luck

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