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New to it - sort of! :)

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New to it - sort of! :) Empty New to it - sort of! :)

Post  Sherri417 on Mon Oct 17, 2011 1:59 am

Hi everyone,

Bought Dr. Lewis' book months ago, but never really tried the diet. Tried today, but fell off it, by dinnertime.

I'm no stranger to diets. In fact, I work as a diet coach! But, I've put on about ten pounds, in just a month, by overeating. My clients are watching me closely, so I need to lose it - pronto! I only have about 15 pounds to lose. I hope this is the ultimate plan for me, but I'm nervous, because of my long history of overeating, without even being hungry.

Nighttime eating is my downfall. Anyone else out there a chronic binge-eater? If so, how do you handle the 5 Bite Diet? Are you finding it to be effective, or are you constantly tempted? Thank you, in advance, for your replies. I need inspiration!


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New to it - sort of! :) Empty Re: New to it - sort of! :)

Post  Dmac on Mon Oct 17, 2011 3:01 am

Welcome Sherri nice to meet ya. how do u stay within 15 lb with binge eating now?

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New to it - sort of! :) Empty Re: New to it - sort of! :)

Post  spryng on Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:08 pm

Welcome!!! Yes I'm a chronic binger as well and I must say since starting this plan 11 weeks ago I think I've only all out binged twiced! I've gone off plan a few times but didn't binge so it's really getting much better! What I say is be prepared, the first 3-4 days are the toughest, so drink lots of water, go to bed early if you have to but stay focused. Once you get past those days it does get much better! You might still feel hungry before meals etc but it's a maneagable hunger, not ravenous or gnawing so it's easy to deal with. Now I only get hungry about 30 min before breakfast and dinner and that is it, so I've come a long way. So another thing that helps on this plan is accountability, maybe start a journal on the journal page and post daily. We are great supporters here and we only cheer you on even if you slip up, we all do it. What makes us successful is getting back to 5 bites the very next meal. SO welcome and I can't wait to follow your progress!!

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New to it - sort of! :) Empty Re: New to it - sort of! :)

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