Do Any Celebs Follow The 5BD?

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Do Any Celebs Follow The 5BD?  Empty Do Any Celebs Follow The 5BD?

Post  pinklipstick on Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:00 pm

As we all know celebs are notorious for dropping weight almost overnight sometimes it seems! Have any of them admitted to following the 5BD?

Here in the UK Lily Allen owned up to following a 'lunch only' diet - which is a similar diet to ours - just drinks for breakfast and evening meal and whatever you fancy for lunch - so it was a vlcd like ours is (a very low calorie diet - calories consumption of around 500 per day)

I thought it sounded great and even followed it successfully myself for a while but at the time she was widely condemned in the press for encouraging 'irresponsible' dieting Sad

This is why they tell us they just drop the weight just running around after their kids isn't it! LOL


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Do Any Celebs Follow The 5BD?  Empty Re: Do Any Celebs Follow The 5BD?

Post  Kaci002 on Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:28 pm

I know celebs always make themselves out to be super human when it comes to weight loss its so annoying, I always respect people who are honest about how they lost the weight and admit that they struggle, however if your incentive is millions of Dollars for a movie then I think id be able to get my act together!
Lily Allen is great, she has always been honest, she also said she tried the hypno banding thing too - must be hard fighting weight battles in the public eye, the media is cruel, im glad i get to hide away when i feel rubbish. Lily always looks great though.


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