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Questions from a Newbie Empty Questions from a Newbie

Post  kitty on Fri May 14, 2010 9:02 pm

I want to officially start the 5BD tomorrow and be as well prepared as I can so I have a couple (..ok... A LOT) of questions and hope you can maybe help be or just tell me about your experiences.

Do you plan your days (what you are going to eat) ahead? Do you try to stay within a certain calorie range (i assume (most of) you don't, cause it must be liberating to finally not count to more than 10 ... i never liked maths anyways Wink )?
Do you have scheduled mealtimes (if so, when do you usually eat?) or do you just take a few bites whenever you are hungry?
How are you dealing with skeptics? Have you told people around you (family, friends) that you are on this diet, or do you think it is easier to keep it to yourself? Is that actually possible?

Whoo..ok...i think now I've asked everything I can think of...except for: is there anything else you would recommend to someone who so far has been able to mess up every single diet ever tried?

Hope you are all doing fine. Wish me luck


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Questions from a Newbie Empty what works for one person...

Post  darkshines on Mon Jun 07, 2010 3:38 pm

I'm pretty new to this forum too, but as for your questions, here is what I have found that has worked best for me in the past with attempts at sustaining this diet long enough to lose weight and other diets as well.

If I plan my days ahead, I feel more in control at the time, but when it gets around that time when I'm hungry- especially around 7 or 8 at night, if I can't stick to what I planned, I feel guilty. The great thing about this diet is you don't have to watch WHAT you eat, but how much of it. For me, and probably other people as well, you feel good knowing that "hey, its time for me to take my five bites now. what looks yummy?" and even if you end up taking five bites of a donut or whatever other scandalous food strikes your fancy, you can indulge yourself and give into your temptations/whims, but still pat yourself on the back.

Mealtimes probably work for different people the way planning out foods does. Some people do well with a schedule for their bodies to get used to- some people, like me, never really have the same cravings and the same times every day so its better for me to try and put off eating till I am starved. I feel a little more free that way and less likely to get into my rebellious "this stupid diet sucks" mind set and sabotage myself.

Again, sharing the diet is also up to personal preference. I told my mom this time, just to keep myself accountable. She's usually upstairs by the fridge, so its hard to go raid it without her noticing and since she knows im on the diet, she will probably ask or say something if she witnesses it. It helps keep me accountable. However, some people WILL try and tell you you are crazy, and yes, you WILL sometimes give in. There are always excuses like "not feeling well" "upset stomach" "ate before I came" "nothing looks good" "allergies" and "just not feeling hungry yet" - these excuses work much better than "im trying to watch my figure."

It's all mental- so you have to find out what works best for you. Sometimes that involves some trial and error.

(I hope that helps..?)

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Questions from a Newbie Empty Getting around skeptics

Post  MomOfSeven on Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:10 am

To answer Kitty's question about handling skeptics. I have been blessed with a situation that helps me convince others. My friend who introduced me to this program, ran it by her doctor. He did not agree with it and had many concerns and doubts. But she asked if she could just try it for a while under his supervision. He agreed provided that he would check her blood work regularly to make sure everything was OK with such a drastic change. I do not know the exact amount she lost but it had to be somewhere between 80 and 100 pounds. (I will get back to the forum on her exact loss after I contact her tonight or tomorrow.). As the pounds melted away, her doctor (which by the way happened to be my old doctor before I moved.) was amazed at the improvement with various levels when he did her blood work. When she finished, he checked her again. He was amazed at how healthy my friend was and could not believe what he observed in her final blood work. Everything across the board demonstrated that she did not harm her body and it was proven clinically. Now, this doctor recommends this diet to his patients who struggle with losing weight. Because my friends know my old doctor, nobody questions it and no one gets on my case. My friend who did the diet, looks amazing and had no hair loss or anything bad happen to her. Then she recommended it to a co-worker who also lost a fair amount of weight. (94 lbs). With proof like that, how could I not try it. I am happy with the weight melting off and look forward to being healthy. take care.


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Questions from a Newbie Empty Re: Questions from a Newbie

Post  username on Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:53 am

wow, that is a really interesting story! good to know Very Happy


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Questions from a Newbie Empty Re: Questions from a Newbie

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