Long time reader, first time writer :)

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Long time reader, first time writer :) Empty Long time reader, first time writer :)

Post  thins-in on Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:48 am

Hello fellow 5 biters.

I decided to open up and join the forum instead of lurking in the shadows Wink I have failed at this diet (and many others) until this time... Nows the time to get my dream body, I have been on the wagon again for 3 days 15 hours and 40 minutes Wink and it has been tough but I do feel different this time empowered or something although the scales arn't showing that as much as i would like just yet but they will come around.. They have to Smile

So I started this journey this time around at around 152 pound (I'm Australian so I will try my best to get my head around this whole pounds thing!) and would like to be sitting pretty around 121 (I am around 175cm).

So that's a little about me and I will start journalling ASAP because I love reading everyone else's for inspiration and seeing people jump hurdles that I am experiencing!!

Love and weight loss xx

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Long time reader, first time writer :) Empty Re: Long time reader, first time writer :)

Post  insanity on Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:18 pm

Welcome, thins-in! Thanks for introducing yourself. I think much of this or any other diet plan is mental. Choosing to use self-discipline to follow, and if we fall off plan to get right back on. I struggle nearly every day, one day it may be excessive hunger, another time a craving, another time fatigue. But those of us who stick to it will reach our goals. I look forward to reading your journal.

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