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Day 2- Day OVER!

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Day 2-  Day OVER!  Empty Day 2- Day OVER!

Post  Kaliopikat on Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:31 am

Wow, glad today is ending. This should be a much more short message. : ) Thanks for your message, Alexis2012!

Today good food-wise. Here's what I ate:

B- Coffee w/a little cream
L- 5B of plain bbq'd chicken mixed w/fresh celery (not sure what my obsession is with celery since generally I hate it, just have been craving lately, very fresh)
D- Ate a Balance bar and a good bite of peanut butter. I think I'll just keep bars around for emergency, maybe in the car...but I didn't find it all that filling. PB gooood....

Besides that, drank water and then I've taken up alternating water with this mixture: 1 gallon water, juice of a large lemon, 9 tbs apple cider vinegar, and a spoon of molasses, all mixed together. First day I did that about a week ago, thought it was gross, that it smelled like feet (sorry), but now I find myself totally craving it during the day. Supposedly all three ingredients are really good for you. When I was young, my mom always had me & my sis on all these stupid, crazy diets, like the Rice Diet, and the Pineapple Diet...I've had my hair fall out by the fistfuls; never again. I believe this 5B plan can be done in a very healthy way, and I'm going to do it, damn it...with a Snickers bar here and there. So far, I'm lucky, I seem to mostly crave protein and vegetables. So far so good!

That's all I can think to say for now. Have a good night everyone.

PS- I hope someone compliments me soon about my improved skin, Alexis!!!


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Day 2-  Day OVER!  Empty Re: Day 2- Day OVER!

Post  Alexis2012 on Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:57 pm

Nice job on day 2!!! Slow and steady wins the race.

BTW, if you want all your posts in one big journal, you can reply to your own thread each time you want to add a post. That will keep all of your posts together for quick access.

That drink mixture sounds interesting. I don't know if I would have been able to get past the smelling like feet part LOL. That line was too funny.

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