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What I think would be useful... Empty What I think would be useful...

Post  2anrip on Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:56 pm

"what essential nutrients are there that I don't know about, and what is the easiest way to include them in my diet?" So far I know about vitamins, essential minerals, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, choline, protien and carbohydrates, but I haven't a clue what else is necessary in a healthy diet that I do not know about. For example, you won't find choline in multivitamin supplements, but you need 500 mg a day, and the only foods that contain very much are eggs, bacon, and liver.[1] I won't be eating any liver, and I don't really care for bacon and eggs, so apparently I need a supplement. What would really make this article useful is if it listed everything that is essential to a healthy diet, then listed the foods which are most useful in fullfilling those requirements, meaning foods which contain large quantites of multiple nutrients, but do not contain a lot of calories, are relatively inexpensive, and unlike liver, are things that an average person is likely to actually eat. Then I can be sure that my diet contains everything it needs, at which point I might care when someone wants to tell me what I should exclude from it. Taking the shortcut of "eat a wide variety of foods" and then immediately diving into "here's what you shouldn't eat" doesn't impress me at all.



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What I think would be useful... Empty What I think would be useful...

Post  nicolejohn on Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:45 pm

Thanks anrip for share this useful information.


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What I think would be useful... Empty THIS MIGHT HELP YOU!

Post  anna01 on Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:44 am

I am new so I hope it is OK to jump in here.

You will never get everything you need from eating food and taking numerous or single supplements. Our food supply has been so depleted and so corrupted, that you would have to eat tons of food, for God only knows how long before you would ever start penetrating and turning over cells. Even if all you ate was organic, non GMO, vegetables and free range meats, it would take a long time. You should only use the organic good stuff anyway, but just using foods and single supplements would take forever. Of course as you lose weight and eat better you will feel better but, there are millions of skinny people who are malnourished and unhealthy on a cellular level. So if you are aiming for truly good health, you will have to focus on cellular regeneration. Poor health causes cells to become damaged. The more damaged cells we have, the greater our risk for diseases. SO what we need to do, is focus on feeding our body in a way that it strengthens our cells so that over a period of time, each time our cells turnover, they become stronger and stronger, until they are no longer damaged. Cells turn over fast, so if you focused on this for several months, you would become healthier on a cellular level, therefore becoming genuinely healthy.

Is there a reason that you need choline? Is there a depletion that you know of? Are you having problems with a fatty liver? Or, are you looking for B vitamins because B vitamins are hard to get through diet? Or are you specifically looking to supplement Choline? Because I think Choline needs to also have folate and methionine added. I'm not sure though. You could buy a good B complex and a sublingual B-12 that is taken under the tongue. A lot of us are depleted of B-12. If you have your doctor check your B-12 levels and they are depleted, ask your doctor to give you B-12 injections. I requested that my doctor give me my own vile of B-12 and some syringes so I can give myself injections. This is what I do so I don't have to go to her office once a month. Vitamin C and D3 are important too.

In addition to cellular regeneration, superb health also includes building and maintaining the immune system. A healthy immune system will ward off just about any disease. Also, all disease starts in the intestinal tract. So you might want to consider a colon cleanse every 3 or 4 months. If you are concerned about your liver, check into gentle liver cleanses. It is also wise to cleanse your kidneys too. But always start with your colon first! Research the benefits of all of this. If you don't have any particular reason to want to take choline, except for you think that you should, then read on and consider trying this instead. You can always add more at a later date.

Instead of buying a bunch of different supplements, look into whole food supplements like Greens Plus, Enerfood, tangy Tangerine, Barley Max or, my all-time favorite, Shentrition. These supplements are known as SUPER FOODS and will most likely supply you with everything that you need. One serving of any of these supplements will provide you with all the daily requirements (5) of fruits and vegetables. Of the 4 mentioned above, the only one you might want to add a fruit juice too would be Ennerfood because, Enerfood is strictly greens with NO natural sweeteners whereas, Greens plus, Tangy Tangerine and Shentrition have a wonderful taste because, they are sweetened with stevia. I have been incorporating SUPER FOODS in my diet for 8 years and I have tried them all, and the ones above are my 4 favorite and some of the best on the market. Of the 4, Greens Plus is the least expensive and is my "go to" SUPER FOOD supplement if I am pinching pennies. They range in price from $23.00 a month to $50.00 a month. Sounds expensive, I know but, they are great products with absolutely no fillers and are as close to perfect foods as you will get without having to eat a ton of this and a ton of that. Think about it! ~ All five servings of fruits and vegetables in one serving of SUPER FOODS. SUPER FOODS ARE PRE-DIGESTED, so it is important to take them on an empty stomach if you can. In other words, they will quickly enter your bloodstream without having to be digested. As you are researching these products, you will find that these are organic and non GMO. This is very important to health!!!!

I always advise people to splurge if possible and get two cans of product for the first month and have 2 drinks a day, so that it builds up in your system faster. But you don't want to build it up too fast, so do 1 drink a day for the first week and then try 2 a day. They are very low in calories and carbs and although I am not starting the 5 Bite Diet till Monday, I will still be drinking my green drink everyday on top of my 10 bites of food. Believe me! You will be glad that you added one or two of these drinks a day in your diet. After the first month, you will just feel better!!! Especially, if you decide to buy Shentrition. This product has Adaptagens in it and if you are under a tremendous amount of stress like I am, the adaptagens will help relieve the stress.

These supplements will not cause jitters, but until you get use to them, you might have trouble with the taste. You can add organic pineapple juice or grape juice to help with the taste, but this will add unnecessary calories and carbs. I find the adding the juices unnecessary, but that's because I crave the stuff now. At first it was like YIKES! But now I love it! Even Enerfood has a special place in my heart and at first; I would gag trying to get that green drink down. It tastes like grass. But now I have no trouble at all. But, you will love the way you feel after being on it for a month or so and if you let yourself run out, you will start feeling like crap again and you will rush back online to have them rush you an order out quick. I try to never let myself run out!

These products will help you lose weight when you are restricting calories and even if you are not because, when your body is nourished, your cravings tend to disappear. When your body is malnourished, you crave food and unfortunately, it's usually the wrong kinds of foods that you crave.

Also, I am going to leave you a recipe for an excellent tonic that I would recommend for people of all ages especially if you are dieting. I will be taking this tonic on the 5 bite diet as well. Again, just like the SUPER FOODS, this tonic is extremely low in calories but has no carbs.

What you will need~

*Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

[b]Dr. Christopher's 200,000 Hu of Cheyenne Pepper

* 3 ounces glass of water

Mix the Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with 1/2 to 1 dropper full of Dr. Christopher's 200,000 Hu of Cheyenne Pepper to your water and drink down fast, because this stuff will curl your toes!!!! Grab a glass of ICE WATER to chase it down. Use a straw to drink the tonic down so that overtime you won't harm the enamel on your teeth. You can add honey, molasses, stevia or grade B maple syrup if you would like, but again, you’re just adding a bunch of calories that are not necessary. YOU WILL GET USED TO IT AND YOU WILL LOVE HOW IT MAKES YOU FEEL!!! Drink one in the morning and one before bed and within a week or two, you will be sleeping like a baby and waking up refreshed and feeling great.

The ingredients in this tonic are extremely cheap and will last for months and if you cannot afford to buy one of the SUPER FOODS, still use the tonic. Make sure you shake the vinegar well, if it looks cloudy, that's great, because it is supposed to. Do not use use regular store bought vinegar!!! It's trash! It must be good vinegar like Braggs. You should be able to buy Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar at your local grocery store if they have an organics section or at your local health food store. You can also ask your local health food store to order the Cheyenne extract or you can order yourself online. I found VITACOST or AMAZON to have the best deals. If you find it cheaper somewhere else, please share!!! Or, you can check out the links above to both buy and research these products.

* You should also add a good Omega 3 Fish Oil or a good Cod Liver oil

Don't worry about adding any more supplements right now. I mean you can if you want, but you are just spending unnecessary money. If you start using one of these SUPER FOODS along with the tonic, and a good EFA, you shouldn't need anything else for quite a while, if at all. The above SUPER FOODS and Tonic is your foundation!!! Once you get the gist of supplement use, then you will know better what you might want to add to complement your regimen. Otherwise, you will get all that you need with the above!!! To get deeper into those cells, you will have to juice fast. You can juice fast with SUPER FOOD powders, or you can buy a juicer and juice your own. Of course the fresh juice is the best, but people have successfully fasted and obtained disease reversal using green drinks. Juice fasting is expensive! Once I gain control of my 5 bite diet, I will be adding juice fasting 3 days a week. I have a juicer. Talking about feeling good!!! I juice fasted for 2 weeks last year and I don't believe I have ever felt better. But, Juice fasting has it's down side when doing it for weeks at a time. Some people have done it for 60, 90 days at a time and feel marvelous!!! Cancer patients sometimes do it even longer. The down side is when your body goes into a detox phase. Detoxing makes you tired with flu like symptoms. Smart fasters will push through the detoxing, which can last for a week or longer, then the detoxing stops for several more weeks before you detox again. People like me who have to work, give up after 2 weeks and live in shame. But enough about me and my failures.

Use your supplements in this order: ACV Tonic, first thing in the morning. Wait at least 30 minutes, or more and then drink your green drink. Drink you green drink on an empty stomach!!!! If you drink 2 green drinks a day, drink the second one around 2pm. Then, drink another ACV tonic 30 minutes before you go to bed. Then right before bed, take your Omega 3's.
Note: Some Omega 3's will repeat on you, this is why you should take them before bed. But also, you should store your Omega 3's in the freezer, this way it gives you time to fall asleep before the capsules thaws and has a chance to repeat. Some Omega 3' are designed not to repeat, so do your research. I don't have a problem with this, but some people do.

If you decide to try any of the above, please share your experience with the rest of us.
Have fun researching!!! Best wishes on your diet!!! And please send me your best wishes too! We are all in this together and I for one am having a hard time right now!!!! Anna

P.S. If you have heart disease, High Blood pressure, high cholostrol, diabetes, Auto Immune Disease, Arthritis, etc. you will find massive relief using the above recommended products as described above but, you must be consistent and faithful with taking your supplements, tonics and oils to experience maximum benefits. There are other supplements you can add, but start with the basics first, then add additional supplements as needed. Otherwise, you will not know what is working and what is not. Every once in a while, you might even want to switch up on the brand of you SUPER FOODS you use as well.

P.S.S. It wouldn't let me post this messege with the web links attached, it said I had to wait 7 days. So, just go to VITA COST dot COM and pull them up. Sorry!

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What I think would be useful... Empty One last thing!!!!

Post  anna01 on Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:52 am

Most of us / all of us, are EXTREMELY mineral deficient. Minerals are so, so, so, important!!! So while you are on VITA COST dot COM, look up liquid minerals to add to your drinking water or your green drink. Really, you should drink minerals with distilled water!! Keep this in mind, but if you choose to just use filtered water, so be it. Your water should always use filtered water though, especially of your water is city water. Well water is much better, but a good filtered water or distilled water with minerals added back in, is superior!!! City/treated water is trash!!! Minerals tend to be a tad salty so if you are watching you sodium intake, look for a low sodium liquid mineral supplement.



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