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Post  120-4life on Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:50 pm

Friday morning, (yesterday) Maggie, my cat, woke me at 5 am already to feed her. I've been trying to cut back on her portion sizes, too. She's about 2 lbs overweight which is a lot for a cat. But all that does is make her hungry sooner it seems. Smile By 8 am my stomach was in cramps and I was starting to feel weak and woozy. So I had a small handful of raisins and scrambled an egg, had 3/4 of that with a little cheese sprinkled over, and a quarter slice of sprouted grain bread with a little butter on top. With 1/2 cup of coffee with Stevia sweetener. I really felt full enough to leave uneaten portions with no problem. Nice!
I find that black coffee on an empty stomach is too acidic for me, too, and better to take with food. So in between meals I can drink water or tea.

Dinner was with a friend and her husband and mother. I had a small delicious piece of salmon she cooked in a ginger teriyaki sauce, one brussels sprout, and 1/2 corn on the cob, buttered. I warned her ahead of time I would only be eating 5 bites so she wouldn't be insulted or wonder why I ate so little. It made for a humorous and interesting conversation at the table!

I'm also testing with ketone sticks which is encouraging to see I'm in ketosis and burning fat for fuel every day. I'm finding that even if I eat a little more than 10 bites a day the fat burning continues.

This morning I started the day at 9 am with a small amount of raisins, followed by a salad with refried beans.. I was beginning to feel weak and spacy and didn't want to wait for a too low blood sugar drop again. I'm down another 2 lbs, too, to 148. Haven't seen that on the scale since 1992. But what I'm aiming to see is 120, so this is a great step on the way to that.

And that's my report for today! Hope you all have a happy and successful day!


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