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Day 11 - dealing with evening snacking pattern

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Day 11 - dealing with evening snacking pattern Empty Day 11 - dealing with evening snacking pattern

Post  120-4life on Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:10 pm

Last night around 9 pm the old familiar snacking pattern showed up armed with hunger. Smile I had to ask myself if it was real hunger or comfort hunger. I know we're not supposed to get hungry on this regime where the body can tap into the fat reserves when it gets hungry. Well, it was just so strong that I decided I needed to eat something anyway. Being the rebel and free-thinker that I am, I decided I knew what was best for me at that time and that was to eat something. So there! ha, ha.

It was too early to go to bed since I had a late afternoon nap after shopping. Then it was up to me to choose something that would not jeopardize the fat-burning mode; that would be something protein. I looked at all my options in the refrigerator and in the kitchen cupboards. What would be most satisfying out of all the tempting tastes luring me to indulge! I wrote down a list of everything available. This showed me how my taste buds could take over so easily. But I could stay in control by reviewing my list of reasons to not let that happen. I chose a can of tuna in olive oil. Ate about 8 bites of tuna with a little mayo and a vinaigrette dressing. Yes, high in fat, but being a protein metabolic type that's okay and satisfying for me. No regrets about this extra meal. I still stayed in control where my pattern has been to munch away on whatever caught my eye and taste buds. I looked at all the other things I could be eating but didn't!

This morning, breakfast was at 9 am: a scrambled egg, 1/4 piece of buttered toast, and 4 bites of brie cheese, with coffee slightly sweetened with agave syrup. More like ten bites but very satisfying and should carry me to 6 pm. Might slow down the fat release and that's okay for now. Need to feel balanced and in charge of my choices. Smile I'll step on the scale tomorrow and see the effect if any.

Until next time,
Keep the faith in yourself and your vision!


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Day 11 - dealing with evening snacking pattern Empty Re: Day 11 - dealing with evening snacking pattern

Post  ElleBella on Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:06 pm

Great Job.. Like the power you took into chosing your meal.. healthy.. great job!!!

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