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Adios day 2, HI Day 3!!! :) (down__poundS!)

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Adios day 2, HI Day 3!!! :) (down__poundS!) Empty Adios day 2, HI Day 3!!! :) (down__poundS!)

Post  why_weight on Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:20 pm

Well today is Day 3 for me..I started on Tuesday, Jan 22,2013

Let me just say it has been everything BUT easy...
Last night, my mother in law made a stew with delicous roast beef and potatos and carrots..I wanted to eat a whole bowl full lol....i think the smell of it was what really really inticed me,,but since the meat was what i was smelling the most , I had 3 bites of it and 2 bites of the c&p ... and drank some water...I have to keep reminding myself why I began this journey in the first place and that not tastes as good as being healthy and thin will feel...so i pressedon..and if you've been following me you know that I weigh inevery other day..so.....day 1, Tuesday I was weighing in at 155, no clothing that morning...today Day 3 I weight in at 152!!! I've lost a total of 3 pounds in 2 days...ahh--mazing..Ive been stuck in the 150's so long, (about a yr now) but now I have hopes of seeing 140something soon..and that is what is driving me....

My youngest was up all night however, sick, which means I barely got any sleep..so i am feeling very very very very hungry today...and ended up having my breakfast of black tea at 7am (instead of my usual 10) and then had my five bites of lunch at 10 am instead of 12...sooo...I know I will have to either have my dinner bites early or find a way to really suppress appetite until 6 or 7..not sure..any advice on that will be good

also with Today being day 3 and I barely got sleep I feel overly jittery and sluggish...not to mention the hunger...for anyone who has ever surpassed day 3, please ..i need the reassurance that it will get better hunger wise...other than that..I'm good to go...looking forward to tommorow, hoping for less hunger. Smile

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Adios day 2, HI Day 3!!! :) (down__poundS!) Empty Re: Adios day 2, HI Day 3!!! :) (down__poundS!)

Post  ElleBella on Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:06 pm

You are doing sooooooooooooooooooooo great.. sorry about your little one.. uuugh.. mine was home sick for the past week.. she finally went back to school today..lol As for the 3 day thing.. I am not sure.. most say 3 day hardest and 5th day hardest but tother then that is clean sayling.. so just stay strong.. Good luck!!! Great Job!!!!

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