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Day 13 - birthday celebration coming up

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Day 13 - birthday celebration coming up Empty Day 13 - birthday celebration coming up

Post  120-4life on Fri Jan 25, 2013 4:36 pm

I'm having family over for a daughter's birthday Sunday. The women are all interested in taking off some pounds, and it's a good time to practice and discuss the principles of the 5 Bites. It's going to be potluck and I'm doing the soup, a chunky vegetable soup, while the guests are bringing salad, baguette and dessert. I told one to bring a dessert with only six small servings, one for each of us. Smile

I have been dropping on average a pound a day so far and that's motivation enough to stay with it for the duration. This is really remarkable given that it's in the dead of winter when I normally turn to food for warmth and comfort and help getting through the dark days. It's still tempting especially in the evenings and living alone. But that's the journey, isn't it. I turn to writing in a journal and that is such a rewarding practice for tuning in to what's going on inside. I've joined a writers' circle, too, where I can share my thoughts and insights and create a bond of love with the others in the group. So important to find that place to connect with people of like mind.

In reference to that, I'd like to share a link to a documentary ( if it's okay?) showing actual sample footage of a Japanese school teacher as he teaches his students to share their thoughts and feelings in response to situations at school and other students' sharing, by writing in a journal, and then sharing with the class. These students are only 10 years old and you'll be amazed at the thoughts they write down and share. Have a box of tissues ready! Here is a link to the video: Enjoy!



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