Viewing Bite Counting as a Way of Life

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Viewing Bite Counting as a Way of Life Empty Viewing Bite Counting as a Way of Life

Post  R.C.B on Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:42 pm

Anyone seen the really cool blog over at The author introduced 5 bites 3x a day as his new way of eating for 1 full year. He did it in secret and because it was a choice and viewed as a new way of eating more than a diet and even as a "game," by hiding it. I've really enjoyed his blog and am doing the same although I'm going to be upping my bite count for maintenance after I've lost enough.

I have been thinking about the fact that overrating is a habit, especially amongst dieters- we're either "on a diet," or "breaking our diet." So our brains learn to either don't eat much of anything or EAT EVERYTHING YOU CAN! I've tried to go back to "intuitive eating," but binge after binge, (considering overrating a binge as well), has conditioned my brain to eat, eat, eat when I eat anything. I'm able to resist the urge but the learned habits blurr the lines between "still hungry-really," and "satisfied, just habit eating." So I think this is a GREAT way to have strict guidelines to "reteach," my brain that there IS another meal coming, it's ok to stop; so this is more of relearning portions and good habits than losing weight right up front, (although it will definitely happen).

Any thoughts?

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