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Dieting... a MENTAL game Empty Dieting... a MENTAL game

Post  Phil on Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:05 am

Hi All,

I have been doing some looking into the mental aspect of diet... and although these may not be extremly helpful and give ALL the answers, hopefully they can shed some light on the 'secret' of getting it right! Smile

"The inn is not as comforting as the journey." – unknown

For those of us who've battled our weight our whole lives, dieting is often a life-long companion, one we sometimes both love and hate, one in which we first grow giddy with excitement at the potential, but more often than not, one in which we feel has lets us down in the end.

But is it really the "diet's" fault? There are certainly dozens of diets that come and go only to resurface again over the years. Fitness guru's found on late-night infomercials are all too willing to take your money with the promise of giving you a model's body in six weeks or less using their simple and fun program for just twenty minutes a day three times a week! Over your lifetime you have probably tried more than one diet and may have even tried the same diet several times.

Even with all these promises you see people, ordinary people, who have lost significant amounts of weight through dieting and exercising though not with any particular diet or exercise but using any one of the current diet "fads" or exercise machines on the market. Dieting does work and it has probably worked for you one or more times.

People can and do lose weight on whatever their diets of choice is. It's clear there's no one perfect diet but rather each person has a diet that's perfect for them and their body. For one person's body it might be low fat and high carb, for another it might be low carb and high fat. The actual diet itself doesn't matter nor do the specific exercises that you do. What is important is finding the combination of the right diet and exercises the you can and will do and that work for you.

However, the single most important factor in determining your chances of success is in your mind and not your particular diet or exercise program. Your mental "game", above all else, will determine your level of success. You must have a burning desire to reach your dieting goals, you must also create a plan, have faith in attaining that goal, review the goal frequently, and consistently overcome all obstacles until your goal is reached.

Only once you've mastered your mental "game" can you be assured of successfully reaching your dieting goals.

The mental factor may be the most important part of succeeding, but it is just the start. There's one other factor most people do not realized about dieting and it's almost as important as the mental game for long-term success. This one factor contributes more to your dietary and fitness failures than perhaps any other factor besides lacking a correct mental game.

Dieting, which is setting and reaching a goal, is only the first half of the process. Once reached, your goal is not the end of your journey. It's only the beginning of a new goal, the second half of your complete success. It's kind of like going through school as a child. Each year you reached toward the end of the year when school was out and you had successfully completed that grade level. But there was always another grade level to complete.

The other half of your "dieting" journey is now applying and maintaining what you've learned along the way to reach another goal: maintaining your new healthy lifestyle. This is not just for the short term but it is purposefully making a lifestyle change for a permanent improvement in your health and fitness.

Only once you've realized that all permanent health and fitness changes in your life are really two parts, reaching your dieting and fitness goals and then maintaining them with a new ongoing goal, can you then come to understand that the most important parts aren't the goals, it's the journey to your goals. Then and only then will your health and fitness decisions be successful for the rest of your life.
- written by Jeff Baker

Welcome to the weight loss motivation section.
Let’s find out how we can turn the fourth key to weight loss success and win the mental game of weight loss.

The one thing that makes losing weight difficult is to keep a strong weight loss motivation and stay on a diet.

Think about all the other 5 keys to weight loss success. They are all easy to come by. It takes for example little time and money to get your diet foods or your supplements.

What makes weight loss tough is to use the diet foods and supplements over a long period. Such a discipline is of course also vital for your weight loss exercise program.

Winning the mental game is therefore a key part of the - how to lose weight – answer. We want to invite you to explore for yourself... to win the mental game of dieting.

We can win the mental game of dieting by focusing on the following:

1.) We must have the proper weight loss motivation. If we do not really desire to get to our ideal weight, it will not happen.

2.) You should prepare yourself well for your weight loss journey before getting started. After all, losing weight is a hard thing to do...!

3.) We must have a positive can-do and will-do weight loss mindset. That is why it is so important that you are comfortable with your specific weight loss plan. Use the power of positive thinking for losing weight.

4.) Use extremely powerful weight loss motivation mind games to focus your mind on weight loss success. Don't miss out on this outstanding method and win the mental game of dieting!
-Written By:

I've expanded the last point (4) above so that we could see the mind games for ourselves- written by the same author as above

Now, are you ready? Here comes the ultimate secret to keep your weight loss motivation strong day in and day out:
Use mini mind games during the day to focus on your weight loss goal.

Take 5 minutes twice a day to concentrate on your weight loss goal and motivation. Use the mind games below to immerse yourself in your weight loss goal. This will greatly help you to keep a superb weight loss motivation and have a positive thinking pattern during each day.

Use each mind game for a week and then switch to the next one. This means you will play each game 14 times before moving on to the next one. After you are through all of them simply start from the beginning!
These mind games are simple and powerful. They will lead you straight to weight loss success if you do them and do them right.

How to play the weight loss motivation mind games:

Easy! Just find a quiet time twice a day for around five minutes.
O.k., so your day looks like a non-stop action movie?
Well, simply use the first and last five minutes of the day when you wake up and go to sleep. Finding quiet time is always possible!

Then simply concentrate, empty your mind and start breathing slowly. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Use the first minute of the game to achieve this relaxed state! Once you are relaxed and ready, go through the steps of each mental game.

Weight loss motivation mind game # 1: Focus in on your weight loss goal!

The first game is about visualizing yourself after you have achieved your weight loss goal. It is about seeing yourself after your intense diet phase when you enjoy the fruits of your weight loss success!

Here we go:

See the number! Yes, the number of pounds or kilos you want to lose during your weight loss program...

...look at the number from all sides, and say to yourself:

That is what I am going to do, this is what I am going to achieve!

Now, see yourself after you have reached that goal! Feel the lightness in your step, the energy that goes through your body when you walk, when you talk, when you exercise!

Feel your new self-esteem when you stroll down the street, knowing that you have achieved something that millions only dream about doing:
Significant, lasting weight loss and a healthy life full of energy!

Feels great doesn’t it? And you will achieve this! Get up and do it!

Weight loss motivation mind game # 2: The fat-burner mini-submarine!

Let’s take a deep dive into your body and focus your weight loss goal on specific parts of your body!

Here we go:

Imagine you have a mini-submarine that you can take for a spin inside your body. Visit all your "problematic" body parts.

See how the fat cells get smaller and smaller! How you burn fat while you exercise, while you walk, talk and eat...

See how your muscle cells increase in size at the same time due to your weight training workout routines! See from the inside how your problematic body parts get into the form you want!

Weight loss motivation mind game # 3: The perfect day is today!

Let’s produce some hormones in your body that will fill you up with happiness!

Use the power of your mind to create self-fulfilling prophecies!
You will produce hormones (endorphins) in your body that will make your day a great one and put you on the right track for positive thinking! This mind game will give you the power of optimism!
Try to play this mind game in the morning before getting out of bed and at noon.

Here we go:

Imagine what your day will be like, what you will be doing during today. And imagine each scene with the best possible positive outcome!
So, imagine your day being full of happy-ends! See the people that you meet with smiling faces; hear their positive and reaffirming answers! See positive, great pictures of an excellent day!

Weight loss motivation mind game # 4: Be light as a feather!

Use this game to put some bounce in your step! It will give you extra power for your weekly weight loss exercise program...

Here we go:

Imagine yourself on a green pasture or in a park. Look around you and enjoy nature...
Feel the warm sunrays on your skin... start walking, being light as a feather! Bounce of the ground with each stride. Bounce like an astronaut moves on the surface of the moon! Jump up and touch the treetops.

Enjoy that great feeling of lightness, because that is what you will achieve with your weight loss!

Weight loss motivation mind game # 5: Be thankful!

Use this mind game to consciously fill your mind with positive thoughts! This will open the door to happiness! The result will be an amazing calmness and it will put the day-to-day troubles into perspective!

Here we go:

Concentrate on the top 5 things in your life that you can be thankful for!
And then concentrate on the one special thing that happened recently that you can be thankful for! Simply give thanks for these great things! If they are related to or driven by a person thank them during the day if you get a chance!
This mind game is very easy but you will immediately feel the powerful positive effects.

Have fun using these weight loss motivation mind games!

These seem like fun :p

I hope you find them useful and If i find more i'll post more Smile

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Dieting... a MENTAL game Empty Re: Dieting... a MENTAL game

Post  teaismyhappyplace on Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:41 pm

that was really refreshing phil! thanks! Its always important to prepare ur mind BEFORE u take up a task. Loads of people start diets and they want it to be easy and the weight to just melt off, but its rough- as i think everyone on this forum at LEAST can agree with. It takes mental energy and discipline to make it happen, and those are not things that come without a fair bit of internal motivation. Anyone can fall of the wagon, but if u want this to happen, u have to make sure to get back on. U have to accept that this is going to be a struggle from the first day that you start and make urself work thru it.

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Post  3jaysmom on Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:53 pm

Thanks, I always need things like this to keep me on track!


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Dieting... a MENTAL game Empty Re: Dieting... a MENTAL game

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