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Post  Jenny P. on Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:32 pm

Yes and Yes! I think calcium is always a good idea especially if you take any sort of hormones (like for BC) Enough calcium aids in weight loss, prevents bone loss and makes it less likely that you will have a kidney stone.

As far as upset stomach the same thing happens to me. I take child gummy bear chewable vitamins and just double the dose (4 bears). They are easier to absorb for me and they don't have iron (which I think is what causes the upset stomach). sometimes I get a little low on iron but I just try to eat grean leafy veggies sevral times a week and it is okay. The gummy bears have plenty of antioxidents and are a multi mineral (the little critters brand) which I like and they taste yummy. Since it is such a low dose I do take extra Vit. D (for bone health and to prevent cancer) and extra Vit. A (it clears my skin). Some people might need more of other things (notice what foods you are craving that could tune you in to what you might be deficiant in and listen to your body's maladies, lots of small problems have to do with deficiencies) but that does it for me.. I say...start with the gummy bears and see if you need to add anything....
One more thing, most vitamins are fat soluble so have a glass of milk or a lick of peanut butter and you will absorb them better.
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