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so excited day 1

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so excited day 1 Empty so excited day 1

Post  Annna on Sat May 03, 2014 2:06 am

Well day 1 I did good, until I got home, I was STARVING!!, this is also my first day off the south beach. so I'm going from eating as much protein as I want to eating a little of anything... Soooo when I came home I had a single measured bite of a hamburger patti, and 7 tyson popcorn chicken bites. all the right size if not a little smaller. to stay full I looked at what I had for high fiber. believe it or not the popcorn chicken was highest in both fiber and protein! I also took a little walk with my dog. So I'm really hoping the extra couple of bites won't hold me back.. I'm so excited about this..


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