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5 bite dieting during exams???

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5 bite dieting  during exams??? Empty 5 bite dieting during exams???

Post  chri92 Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:52 am

Hey Guys,
I'm doing big exams at the moment and I really wanna keep up the 5 bite diet during it but does eating for exams REALLY make a difference?? what do you guys think??


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5 bite dieting  during exams??? Empty a matter of perspective

Post  teaismyhappyplace Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:44 pm

alright- so everyone is different on this topic. I dont like eating during studying for exams. It makes me sleepy, and uncomfortable and it gives me an additional something to think about which i dont appreciate. In contrast, during the actual exam i lay off the caffeine, and eat something nutritious, say some whole wheat toast with butter an hour before while cramming, or a half a sandwhich, something with complex carbs that will give energy, but at the same time not make me sleepy. I generally keep the portions small before a test- and save the rest for after the test is over with. If you have the opportunity to eat in between the test- like during a break, keep it small as well- finish the sandwhich, have some celery sticks in a little peanut butter, 5-6 crackers, half an apple.. something like that.

I know that was all pretty healthy stuff- dont know if ur into eating that way, but as far as 5 bites are concerned, if u cant stick to 5 bites, then at least try to keep the munchy choices smart and low calorie/fat.

i also know plenty of people that like to take exams on empty stomachs and study while constantly snacking...so it really depends on what u like to do personally.

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5 bite dieting  during exams??? Empty Re: 5 bite dieting during exams???

Post  darkshines Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:08 pm

theres a psychology thing i learned about that you recall information best when under the same conditions as when you learned it. so, if you study on an empty stomach, you test best on an empty stomach. (in theory) remember though that according to this, if you study while drunk, you'll test better while drunk. -_-

personally i usually eat a single egg, about 30 to an hour before my test. its good protein and keeps my stomach from rumbling or digesting and distracting me while im trying to focus. then again, ive been doing that since first grade thanks to my mom homeschooling me that year, so its sort of habit/tradition for me through middle and highschool too. that being said, i did test once on an empty stomach and it didnt go so well. that was also an organic chemistry midterm though, so that may have been the reason for the lower grade- not my stomach. Razz

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5 bite dieting  during exams??? Empty Re: 5 bite dieting during exams???

Post  Phil Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:39 am

Wow this topic is varied...

I've read that studying uses more glucose in the brain which is why heaps of students get hugry while studying because apparently metal work requires alot of energy ...

But this area is so varied in opinion so I don't think there just ONE answer... I personally don't diet when I have exams but that's just me although I have tried it and it made no real difference to me Smile

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5 bite dieting  during exams??? Empty Re: 5 bite dieting during exams???

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