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www.slimmingstation.com the best!

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www.slimmingstation.com   the best! Empty www.slimmingstation.com the best!

Post  ControlIt on Sun May 25, 2014 2:53 pm

 bounce The best thing I ever did was join Dr Lewis website. Oh my gosh, he gives me advice every week.
I was reaching a 10 pounds goal, example from 200 to 190 and then I would quit diets or just could not get back into dieting again. Here is just one of his advice statements to me, but I get emails from him every week with advice or he responds on my forum posts alot. I've learned more from him than I have ever learned from a diet program! I pay $50 per month and get more than I ever did from Weight Watchers for $49.95 per month. I'm not giving away his expert advice but want everyone to know how good and attentive he is.
Dr Lewis told me:

Good job, indeed, Shelly, but be careful about setting up intermediate goals for yourself, like 190. I find that when people set up intermediate goals and they hit those goals, they relax and celebrate, and have a harder time getting started again. Now that you are on this weight-loss train (hopefully a bullet train!), don't let off the throttle. Now that you've hit 190, PUSH EVEN HARDER, and let's see how quickly we can lose the next 10 pounds!


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www.slimmingstation.com   the best! Empty Re: www.slimmingstation.com the best!

Post  Sexy123 on Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:35 pm

Thanks!  I think he is right about those intermediate goals.


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