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On my way to 110lbs!

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On my way to 110lbs! Empty On my way to 110lbs!

Post  kathe110 on Tue Feb 03, 2015 5:14 am

I am here to finally reach my ultimate goal weight of 110lbs. Originally I was 230lbs., as of today, I am 145lbs. A few months ago I was 125lbs., but, some things happened in my life and I made the mistake of turning to food for comfort, however, overeating food does not comfort, it just makes you gain weight. I have been a size 2 now for about 4 years, at 230lbs I was a size 18. So, through eating small portions I lost all of that weight. Basically I was doing the five bite diet and didn't even know it! However, my goal now is 110lbs., that is the proper weight for me. I want to drop the weight quickly with the 5BD, because, once I'm at 110lbs I know I can maintain it since I maintained 125lbs for 4 years. In fact, its pretty hard to overeat once you are used to eating small portions, the stomach is actually about the size of one's fist, but, it can be stretched out with overeating. As you start to eat small again the stomach will return to it's natural size (fist size), so, it's hard to overeat because it hurts if you do. So, with all of that said, my plan is to journal my daily 5 bite intake and the amount of weight I am losing. It is so motivating to watch the scale go down each day and your clothes getting looser. My first post will be tomorrow and I am excited to get to my goal weight! Kathe'


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