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Slow but steady.... Empty Slow but steady....

Post  smhsince91 on Wed May 22, 2013 3:01 am

I've been on this diet for about two weeks now. And I have to stress that I haven't been doing 5 bites perfectly. It seems like each week, I just slowly kept cutting down my food portions. Also, I did have some cheat days as well. But after two weeks on the diet, I managed to lose about 7lbs. That's the most weight I've ever lost while on a diet! For me, the weight loss and seemed kind of slow. I'm just an impatient person I guess Smile I'm hoping to lose at least 15-20lbs in a month. I have been invited to a wedding and I want to look my best. I'm a bridesmaid!!! Anyways that's my progress so far. I plan to update on this forum every few weeks about my progress. This diet is very simple but so hard sometimes. But then again, what diet isn't hard! Here are my stats!

Starting Weight:177
Current Weight: 170

My Progress: Total Loss:7lbs 65lbs to go!

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