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Post  ChutneyChef on Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:37 am

I'm so glad I have found this diet and forum! In 6 weeks my hubby and I are going on a 5 night cruise. Thankfully it's not a cruise where you would pack a bikini and drink cocktails at the pool, instead we're cruising from Melbourne to Tasmania so the weather should be nice and chilly.

Normally I'd try to get out of going on a holiday, cos I'm so uncomfortable with my body and appearance in general. But instead I've been silently worrying about it. And after the reminder that it's only 6 weeks away, I believe I can lose plenty of weight and not feel too embarrassed about being in public. It's not like I'm going to be the ONLY fat person on the boat!

A friend is going to lend me a copy of the book to read. I did think about just counting bites and eating 20-30 bites a meal and losing a bit slower, but she said its only 6 weeks out of my life, and I can make up for all the food I missed out on when I am on the cruise, lol

So today it starts.



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