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First day frozen snickers helped.

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First day    frozen snickers helped. Empty First day frozen snickers helped.

Post  ControlIt on Sun Apr 27, 2014 12:06 am

I froze my snickers....it seemed to help eating it slow......Frozen snickers last longer...

Today is my first day. Starting weight 201.4 pounds. I need fast results so I love this diet. I'm eating when I am hungry, just not to get frustrated and give up. WW is not working for me because I am loosing too slow and sometimes not at all. I get discouraged, give up. I love the post from someone about the show in Germany where skinny girls and heavier girls switch places. The skinnier girls did this exact same thing as the 5BD. They ordered something to eat and only took a few bites. Now I get it. I hope. lol (at least until I am stressed)

Does anyone see a huge difference just after one day?

So today I ate:
Breakfast 1 piece of (45 calories) whole grain bread and an egg (74 calories) with a little 1T Lactaid milk (because I'm lactose intolerant)

I ate 1/2 (240 calories) for lunch then the other 1/2 (240 calories) about 5:00 PM. I purchased Snicker's candy bars..the king size were on sale for $1.00 the regular size was $1.29. So I purchased 3 king size snickers to get me through the next 3 days.

In the afternoon I felt hungry so I drank 2C FF lactaid milk (180 calories) with a protein powder (96 calories)

For dinner about 7PM I had a chicken breast (5 bites) 110 calories maybe? That is 4 ounces. Eating slowly and setting my fork down each time after I take a bite really helps.
About 985 calories today. I hope that is not too much?

Spearmint gum helped twice.
Diet rootbeer-no caffine helped
Drank Diet Citrus flavored Ice Tea
Ice Tea
and Ice water.

Oh yeah, I rode my bike 3 miles today and planted flowers outside the house.

I've journaled much in detail but I want to remember what I did if it works. 2014-04-26


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First day    frozen snickers helped. Empty Frozen Snickers

Post  sexymetobe on Tue Apr 29, 2014 6:54 pm

I didn't think of freezing the Snickers! I will have to do that. I plan on picking some up this weekend.


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