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I've dont it im into day 3!!

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I've dont it im into day 3!! Empty I've dont it im into day 3!!

Post  Kaci002 on Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:45 am

Hi all,

Im very happy with myself for being able to get through 2 days of 5 bites and am now into day 3. Actually has been ok for me, no mad hunger pangs, unless they are still to come. When I tried this sometime ago what I was eating for my bites wasnt overly healithy but this time im sticking to chicken & veg stir fry or sandwich and I dont know if because what Im eating is good its making it easier for me. Still having 2 cups of coffee a day with small milk as that gets me though it.
No going to journal each day because I dont want to weigh each day as I know it can go up and down so dont want that to put doubts in my mind.

So starting weight was: 14 st 7 (203lb)
Weight today = 14st 5 (201)

Lunch on both days - 5 bites of chicken salad sandwich
Dinne ron both days - chicken stirfry

Im ready to go now, notging going to stop me!!!!


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I've dont it im into day 3!! Empty BRAVO!!

Post  16Again on Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:59 pm

Congratulations, Kaci!

Yep. Three days is the milestone. And if no Great Hunger has reared its head Yet, there won't be any hunger (like HunGRRRRR!) through to the end.

Enjoy the journey. And, Please post every other odd day or so to let us know your mood (which encourages US) and your struggles (which will, ultimately, encourage YOU).



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I've dont it im into day 3!! Empty Re: I've dont it im into day 3!!

Post  Pookykat on Wed Jul 25, 2012 8:16 pm


I'm jealous of the no hunger. I still have morning hunger; my body is really missing breakfast.

I find that posting here and weighing in every day helps keep me focused on the diet, and motivated to keep going. I tried not posting and not weighing, and I found it too easy to stray and wreck my progress.

Looking forward to hearing about your journey!


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I've dont it im into day 3!! Empty Re: I've dont it im into day 3!!

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