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Post  Ahna115 on Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:35 pm

Hello I'm Ahna,

Started today
weight 195
Jean size 16

Goal Weight 115, I'm not sure how realistic that is, for I believe in the whole small, med, large, bone structure, and I'm considered large. at 125 was pretty good for me. But I'm going to try for 115.

Today I had
8:30 am Breakfast 5 Bites of Hot Spicy Beef Jerky ( the little pack of pieces)
about 10 oz of coffee

10am 20 oz of water

12pm Lunch 5 Bites of Spaghetti with RedHot

2pm 20 oz of water
3:30 14 oz of coffee

6:00pm Dinner 10 bites of Spaghetti

10 oz of Water

And many trips to the restroom, cause I normally don't drink water. Very Happy

Today has been my first and its been great, but i;m thinking that don't last long. Smile


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