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Day 4 - my journey so far

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Day 4 - my journey so far Empty Day 4 - my journey so far

Post  Kaci002 on Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:22 pm

Hi all

Just wanted to post my experience on the 5bd so far as I am now on day 4. After a few attempts at starting, people on this site really helped motivate me to get started again.
I was really suprised that this time round I never found the first 3 days that hard, not like before when I really struggled to get through even the first day.
Have managed to stick with the 5 bites perfectly - I guess my only thing which I may be doing not to the book is having approx 3 coffees a day with either cream or small amount of milk.
I started on Friday weighing in at 193lbs and today (Monday) I am 186!! 7lbs loss is insane but brilliant. I know most of that is all water but great for the motivation.

Now its day 4 and I really am not hungry at all, my In-laws arrived last night for a holiday with heaps of choclates, biscuits and lots of lovely stuff but even still I am not tempted. I think what helped is I prepared this time and leading up to going on the diet I had about 4 days of healithy and balanced eating, reducing my portion sizes each day so by the time it came to starting it wasnt so hard reducing down to 5 bites.

So far loving this way of eating - food no longer controls me.

Good luck everyone

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Day 4 - my journey so far Empty Wow!! Way to Go!

Post  16Again on Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:24 pm

Hi Kaci,

7 POUNDS (in actually 3 DAYS!!! -- because you weighed yourself Friday AM and dieted 3 DAYS to, again, weigh yourself Monday AM) That's Fan-tas-tic!!

It equals 2.3 pounds per day on average. Now, the largest loss was probably seen on Saturday, so the Average for the next two days (Sunday & Monday) are probably more closely true to what you'll be losing Each And Every Day you stick with it.

About the "water weight," I promise you almost ALL excess Water was lost in that first day (hence, the largest loss for that next AM). The thing is, even most Low-Carb Diets have us eating so much that the Excess Water comes out over about three to five days, as we move "deeper" into ketosis. THIS Diet gets us into ketosis within twenty-four hours, and into (the "safe" Moderate level - purple) by the second day -- No Matter WHAT your 5 Bites consists of!!!

After a week of weighing yourself daily (from the third day; that'd be Monday AM for you, here) you can look at your average of weight lost EACH day and figure out, not just what you can expect your body to lose each and every day, but multiplying that average by "7," you'll pretty much know what you can expect to lose each and every week.

Take your Current Weight and subtract, from that, your UGW (Ultimate Goal Weight) number. Take that (the number of pounds you Want to Lose) and Divide it by the "Weekly Average" you got from the paragraph, above.

That will tell you (almost exactly) how many weeks it will take you to reach your Goal... (Faster than any other Diet around!!)

From then on it really is BEST to weigh yourself only once a week (same day, same time) -- this is the Doc's advice from the book. There are absolutely daily fluctuations from your intended-average. They are to be expected (what with extra water-drinking and any slow downs in to colon Shocked) and they would tend to disappoint. But by the end of a week, those fluctuations WILL even out (some days a little more loss, some days a bit less -- but EVERY DAY there IS weight loss), so by the end of EACH WEEK, you'll be very close to your predicted average. And, even if the very last day is one of those fluctuations-UP, it will definitely have righted itself completely by the next week's weigh-in.

I am really so happy for you. Keep tilting at that scale!! Really, really, really, So Proud.



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Day 4 - my journey so far Empty Re: Day 4 - my journey so far

Post  Kaci002 on Tue Jun 14, 2011 9:30 am

Hi Marc
Thank you!!!
Feels great to get it all under control and to not constantly crave sugar all the time. It mad how the hunger literally goes away.
By the way I cant believe I titled by post 'my journey so fat' instead of 'so far' thats ironic!

Your absolutly spot on when you speak about weight loss as yesterday Monday morning and today I notcied my loss decreased so that it seems I am losing not quite 1 lb a day but more than half a pound, I will check it over the next few days and keep note, but eitherway I am more than happy with that as in my plan if I can keep losing 3lb of more a week then im happy and so far I think I will easily achieve that.

Thanks again for you support



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Day 4 - my journey so far Empty Re: Day 4 - my journey so far

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